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Internal Medicine in Georgetown (DC)

Personalized Internal Medicine in Georgetown (DC)

Today’s healthcare industry seemingly changes year after year. The fragmented medical system often means patients wait hours in an emergency room or the lobby at urgent care before seeing a doctor—only to spend more time waiting to see the second or third doctor before receiving a diagnosis.

The solution? Dr. Robert S. Enelow, an award-winning internist practicing internal medicine in Georgetown and the entire Washington, DC area.

What Is an Internist?

An internist is someone who practices internal medicine and is specialized in many types of healthcare. For example, an internist diagnoses and treats the most common and the most rare diseases. An internist can also provide customized treatment plans for overweight individuals and even those who want to make their active lifestyle healthier.

Read more about what an internist does.

Internist in Georgetown (DC)

Most patients think personalized healthcare as a thing of the past. Days of at-home doctor visits seem reminiscent of yesterday. But did you know that you can receive the same personalized healthcare from a Georgetown internal medicine practice? In fact, visiting an internist in Georgetown or the surrounding DC area is growing in popularity. Your own internist puts a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal industry.

In this form of medical care, patients receive many benefits they simply woudln’t experience visiting other doctor’s offices or hospitals. You receive high-quality medical care when you need it.

Patients of Dr. Enelow can expect:

  • A long term, trusting, doctor-patient relationship
  • Comprehensive patient visits whenever needed
  • Personalized concierge care
  • On time appointments with an extended appointment option
  • No wait to schedule appointments
  • Direct communication with Dr. Enelow

Why Call Dr. Enelow for Your Georgetown Internal Medicine Needs?

What sets Dr. Enelow apart from other Georgetown internists? In order to be as personable and available as possible, Dr. Enelow personally returns all of his patients’ phone calls.

You’ll also never pay an annual retainer fee. Unlike other internists who charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars to provide you with your basic medical needs, Dr. Enelow only charges for the visits you schedule.

Dr. Enelow does not accept insurance. Payment is due at time of service. His office will file the paperwork for possible reimbursement with your insurance company.

What to Expect from Dr. Enelow

  • Contacting Dr. Enelow – Call Dr. Enelow at 202-728-9630 or email Dr. Enelow to schedule an appointment.
  • Appointment – As one of the top Washington, DC internists, Dr. Enelow will meet with you to discuss and diagnose your medical needs. You’ll never feel rushed or unimportant, and Dr. Enelow takes great pride in providing every single patient the highest-quality of care possible.
  • Payment – Dr. Enelow does not charge an annual retainer fee and does not accept insurance. The first comprehensive visit is approximately $800 – $1,100, depending on your visit and medical needs. Most 30-minute visits are $250 – $400.
  • Filing Insurance Claims – Our office files all of your claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Georgetown’s Trusted Internal Medicine Practice

Dr. Enelow specializes in preventative healthcare and internal medicine in the Georgetown area. Practicing medicine in Washington, DC since 2009, Dr. Enelow will work with you to prevent the onset of various genetic diseases caused by an unhealthy or sedentary lifestyle. This includes:

In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Enelow also specializes in early detection and prevention of cancer in patients of all ages.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Email Dr. Enelow today to schedule your medical introduction to Dr. Enelow and discuss your medical needs.

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“Dr. E listens to me. He hears me. He never is rushed, he always takes the time to answer all of my questions.”

-Julia Read More