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Sometimes it’s difficult to prioritize your health needs. We lead very busy lifestyles, in the Washington, Northern Virginia and Maryland regions, constantly multi-tasking through the day. In a place where life can get lost in the shuffle, it’s important to put your health first.

Your health is Dr. Enelow’s number one priority, which is why Dr. Enelow and his office staff offer concierge medicine in Washington, DC —you can receive VIP healthcare without the VIP price. Unlike most concierge care providers, Dr. Enelow never charges an annual retainer fee.

What Separates Dr. Enelow from Other Concierge Care Providers?

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more technologically advanced and sophisticated healthcare system in the world that compares to the United States. However, the same system is one that has become increasingly fragmented and more and more impersonal from year to year. Going to the doctors shouldn’t be a hassle, and you shouldn’t be passed around from one doctor to the next, only to leave your appointment with a new appointment with a new specialist while you’re left searching for answers.

Dr. Enelow and his office staff provide you with personalized concierge healthcare you simply won’t find anywhere else.


With concierge care from Dr. Enelow, you never have a lengthy wait for an appointment. In fact, you’ll rarely have to wait more than 36 hours to see a doctor. Just call Dr. Enelow using the direct phone number you received during your initial visit and schedule an appointment for as soon as possible.

Dr. Enelow offers same or next day appointments.


Have you ever gone to your internist, only to wait and wait and wait before seeing your physician for a mere five minutes or less? Some doctors are required to see a patient every 15 to 20 minutes, and that doesn’t include the time filling out paperwork between patients.

Dr. Enelow offers extended appointments to all patients. Our goal is to never make you feel rushed and to answer any and all questions you may have about your health.


One of the primary reasons healthcare in the U.S. is so impersonal is the busy schedules doctors keep—sometimes seeing as many as 30 or more patients in a single day. As an award-winning internist and concierge care provider, you can rest assured Dr. Enelow knows your medical history and current wellness plan.

Dr. Enelow works with a limited number of patients serving the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland area in order to provide the most personal, high-quality concierge care available.


One of the primary responsibilities Dr. Enelow and his office staff is to provide personalized healthcare wellness plans for clients in order to minimize hospitalizations, prevent the onset of adult diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, cancer, arthritis, etc.). He specializes in early detection and treatment of adult diseases.

Dr. Enelow promotes a healthy lifestyle and can help prevent and detect adult diseases.


Dr. Enelow’s patients always have direct access to him and his associates via phone and email and will answer your call promptly.


Most concierge care providers in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia charge an annual retainer fee, for the privilege of telephone access. But, did you know that Dr. Enelow offers the same concierge care without an annual retainer?

Dr. Enelow offers concierge medicine, including primary care and internal medicine, without an annual retainer fee.

Meet Robert S. Enelow, MD

A native of New Orleans, LA, Dr. Enelow studied political science at Dartmouth College where he graduated in 1980. After earning his medical degree from Tulane University, he completed his medical internship at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital located in Philadelphi, PA before completing his residency at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC.

A faculty member of Georgetown University, Dr. Enelow continues to mentor medical students with a special interest in vaccines, vaccination protocols, and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Enelow is an award-winning internist. His awards include:

  • Washington Magazine, Top Doctor, Internal Medicine (2012, 2014, 2015)
  • Georgetown University Medical School Teacher of the Year, D.C. General Hospital (1992)

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“Dr Enelow always keeps in touch with me. He returns my phone calls; he answers my e-mails. I never feel like my phone call is an imposition”

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